40 People are Participating in the First Pool

Last week we announced the pools to swap DDOS to HAI. 

There are 4 pools with different in-lock periods. 

The fastest hands in the Wild Crypto West have become happy participants of Pool 1, a limited one with 700,000 DDOS accessible to be sent to it. More than half of the participants sent their requests in the first 20 minutes! 

Today, we have received the last transactions and are ready to announce participants in the amount of 40. 

The ratio of DDOS to HAI is 1:7,14. 

All the disBalancers who did not manage to send their DDOS in Pool 1, may not be worried as they can still participate in Pools 2-4. 

Did not decide which pool to choose? Follow the link and make your choice by reading the article. 

Kindly remind: to swap your DDOS tokens to HAI, you need to send your assets to one of the pools until 30 September 23.59 (UTC). All DDOS sent after this date will be sent back to you.