How to Get Your NFT Medal into Wallet

Last week, the disBalancer team airdropped 444 NFT Medals to the wallets of our brave cyber warriors, supportive of Ukraine in cyber war by holding more than 1,000 DDOS.

Have you checked yours? If you didn’t find the NFT, we prepared instructions on how to add it to your desktop and mobile wallet versions.

❗️Before proceeding with the NFT import, be sure you have chosen the BSC mainnet.

👉 To add the NFT Medal to your Metamask on Mobile

  1. Visit BscScan  
  2. Insert in the Search bar your wallet address and press Search
  3. Select ERC-721 Tokens TXNS
  4. Copy Token ID
  5. Open Metamask
  6. Find the NFT tab
  7. Press Import NFTs
  8. Insert 0x43DB8ea81074b31Cf2665B600A4086cF36B59445 in the Address bar
  9. Insert your Token ID in the ID tab 

Nice job! Enjoy your NFT Medal 🏅

👉 To add the NFT Medal to your Metamask on PC

  1. Open Metamask
  2. Press Import Tokens
  3. To import your NFT:

Well done! The NFT is kept in your Metamask on PC 🏅

👉 To see the NFT Medal in a browser on a PC

  1. Visit BakerySwap 
  2. Connect your wallet to the website
  3. Go to the Explore page 
  4. Press My Artworks 
  5. Press Collected 

Now you can see your NFT Medal 🏅

‼️If you did not manage to find or import the NFT, reach our chat administrators in disBalancer English or Ukraine groups.