Beta testing: What’s New?

The disBalancer beta testing phase continues. Here are the latest updates on what is new!

The active testing phase with 30 cyber warriors had ended. Using the old client available for Windows OS only, we are currently testing new stress testing methods and will soon involve 150 beta testers in the process.
Btw, a new round of beta testing with 150 cyber warriors will begin soon. Stay tuned, and don’t miss new recruitment to disBalancer cyber army!

Along with it, we simultaneously develop a new client using the GO programming language.

The client written in GO provides us with new benefits:

  • Higher performance level;
  • New stress attack types deployment. It was possible to perform 3 testing attack types at 2 attack layers with the old client. On the contrary, it is possible to reach other attack types and use new improved methods with the new client.
  • The MAIN update allows to install and run the app on all the operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). Cyber warriors will get an opportunity to get more rewards due to expanding bandwidth volume and adding more cyber warriors to the testnet on Linux and Mac OS.