Liberator App: FAQ

What is happening⁉️

We target Russian propaganda websites and sources that contribute to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We want to make all the murders and violence caused by Russian military forces STOP. Troops are washing their hands in blood, killing the Ukrainians, both children and civilians. To know more, read our announcement

Anyone who wants to join our ranks to make strategic Russian organizations that contribute to damaging our country unavailable, install Liberator.




Find Launcher files and find the appropriate one for your OS.

👉🏼 For Mac OS

  1. Download one of the file available for your OS:

2. Go to the launch panel and open the terminal

3. Enter the command “cd” + Enter

4. Enter the command “cd Downloads” + Enter

5. Enter the command “chmod +x The name of the downloaded file” + Enter

6. Turn on VPN

7. Press Shift + double-click to open

Well done! 👏

Failed to install the app? See how to do it on Mac OS using the Liberator instructional video on YouTube.

👉🏼 For Windows

  1. Download the file available for your OS:

2. Turn on VPN

3. Open the file

3. Press Run

Failed to install the app? See how to do it on Windows using the Liberator instructional video on YouTube.

👉🏼 For Linux

  1. Download one of the file available for your OS to your Desktop:

2. Open the Terminal in the folder with the downloaded file

3. Enter the command chmod +x The name of the downloaded file” + Enter (or TAB)

4. Turn on VPN

5. Enter “./Name of the downloaded file” + Enter

Failed to install the app? See how to do it on Linux using the Liberator instructional video on YouTube.

👉🏼 Mobile Version

To install Liberator on your Andriod device, kindly follow the instructions attached to this article.

👉🏼 Docker Version

  1. Download Docker following links:




2. Unzip archive

3. Open unzipped folder in Terminal

4. Enter “docker build -t launcher-disbalancer .” + Enter

5. Enter “docker run launcher-disbalancer” + Enter

Full list

That’s it! You’re in the cyber army 💪🏼

If you have some problem with the internet connection, the app is needed in a regular restart, check logs, please.

Does The App Contain Viruses?

We are more efficient in flood performing, so the app could be recognized as hacking.tool. We already had people on the chat who parses the code, and they did not find anything malicious.

Antivirus Exclusions

To avoid any runtime problems until the app will be signed: 

Add the application folder to your antivirus exclusions to avoid blocking task execution, as some antiviruses could detect it as a hacker tool. Adding an application to the firewall exception would also be a good idea. The app isn’t server-based, it’s a simple client, so you don’t need to be aware of the hacking of the exposed web interface and host. 

Is It Safe?

The app was not made purposefully for cyberwar. Moreover, we were just at a beta testing stage when these terrible things happened. We were collecting IP to provide the possibility to cover all the globe for better network distribution and higher service delivery. IPs also helped in remoting debugging and understanding why our previous client behaves differently on different devices (which is crucial as the main goal before segmentation for resident attacks). It’s highly recommended to use VPN to run the app.

Can I Use a VPN?

You should use a VPN! But why so? It helps encrypt your data. To know more, be sure you have read our article on the necessity of using a VPN.

VPN services are recommended:


Windscribe VPN











Other paid options

Bitdefender Premium VPN – Paid VPN with refund option. (49 countries to choose from).

F-Secure FREEDOME VPN – You can get 5 days free, perfect for virtual machines.

VeePN – Paid VPN, 8 servers in the rf.

CyberGhost VPN – One of the best paid VPN, you can connect to russia and belarus.

GhostVPN – Paid VPN with the ability to connect via Openvpn, WireGuard.

Orchid – Paid VPN
MysteriumVPN – Paid VPN

Use hVPN app for free with unlimited capacity.

You can also use any VPN resources like, etc.

You Can Also Use PROXY SERVERS Instead Of a VPN!

Proxies help to enhance the attack power. To do that, create a text file and fill it up with the proxies you would like to attack. Currently, we are working with SOCKS4/5 proxies. More info on that can be found by following the link to our article.

Will Someone Be Able To Track Me Down?

Better for you to secure your IP. if you use a VPN connection, there is no chance for someone to get your IP, including disBalancer. To know more about the necessity of using VPNs, check out the article Why Is It Important To Use a VPN While Running Liberator.

Failed to read file: open proxies.txt: The System Cannot Find The File Specified.

This is NOT a software ERROR — just a notification in the journal!

Is It Legal?

Each user who runs Liberator is aware of participating in cyberwarfare against the country that invaded Ukraine. The point is International laws of Cyberspace are likely rendered inoperative in times of war. Using Liberator, we are acting in coordination with the Ministry of Digital Transformation that initiated the Ukrainian Cyber Army invention to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Why Low Speed / Low Traffic?

DDoS is not about “stupidly heading 100,000 streams”, but about looking for the optimal speed of generating queries that will not arouse suspicion in the attacking server.

Turbo mode will be added soon, and there will be the ability to attack using a proxy! Then everyone will be able to squeeze the most out of their machines or instance.

THEREFORE, if in your opinion your client generates not enough traffic / generates it periodically — it is OK.

Well-protected resources require a “quieter, farther approach”.

How To Update Liberator?

There is no need to reinstall or update it. The app updates automatically.

Massive Target Attacking …

Everything is fine, everything works!

Searching For The Kremlin’s Target To Defeat …

The app searches for a goal, if long — close the client, change the geolocation of VPN, start the client again.

Should I launch Liberator on a virtual machine?

Each virtual machine needs different proxies. It is better to use WSL/Linux + Proxychains

How Can I Change The Number Of Threads?

When opening the application, you can enter the number of threads yourself. The number can be different from the recommended one.
For instance, by hitting 3+ targets, you can now feel free to higher the number.

The thread number can be any as the rate limit stops processing any more requests until a certain amount of time has passed. 

Does It Make Sense To Run Multiple disBalancer Windows On One PC? 


Does It Make Sense To Run disBalancer In One Network On Multiple PCs?


Is it Worth Using a Liberator Launcher And Liberator?

It makes sense while you attack with both VPN and proxy or using several separate proxy lists. Otherwise, two or more launchers running on the same PC interfere with each other.

Does The Proxy Type (HTTP, HTTPS, socket5) matter? What Is The Maximum Allowed Ping For The Proxy To Work Correctly?

To generate quality traffic, the high-quality proxy is suitable. In our case, HTTP proxies are appropriate and work. 5000 ms ping i.e. could really work.

Can I Make two Folders with Liberators With One Proxy List In Another Folder And Another List And Make It Possible To Run Them At The Same Time?

That is a good option to increase the number of users on one machine.

Why Can’t We Choose Targets And See Them Before Attacking?

As was mentioned before, the software is designed to use user bandwidth to perform stress testing for businesses. That’s why we do not need to show targets to users connected to the app.

To make the process transparent, we are publishing targets that were under attack each day or the day after.

There are plural apps being made directly to join cyberwar where you can choose targets yourself which is bad sometimes because some users prefer to attack all Russian resources without solid research whether they are propaganda-related.

If Do Not Turn Off Liberator, Then After Some Time In The Terminal You Can See The Targets Being Attacked. But If Restarting, The Goals Change. Is That Ok?

When you restart Liberator, it changes the target. This is quite normal.

What To Do If The Error Occurs?

Be sure you have installed all required software described in minimal system requirements.

In case of any issues with the application, please write in the chat and attach the information.log file. It’s a file located near Liberator.Disbalancer.exe.

How Do We Know What Targets We Have? 

You can see them on the Liberator console while the attacking process is having a place.

How Do I Know The App Runs Well?

The program works successfully when you see the words “Massive target attacking…”

Is Liberator Runs If The Window is Minimized?

It is working, ofc 🙂

At What Time Does Liberator Work Better? Is It Worth Leave The Program Working At Night?

To achieve the best result, you should run Liberator 24/7. Just go ahead!

Do Targets Change Automatically?

Yes, they are!

Can I See The Core Code?

Our solution was initially designed for b2b needs, but when the Russian invaded Ukraine, the team managed to use it to fight in a cyberwar. Therefore, we have non-open-source DDoS methods. So it is quite dangerous to spread it on open access.

Can I Run Liberator With Other DDoS Apps?

Yes, sure!

Can I Share Websites To Make Them Unusable?

Sure! If you have links on websites you would like to be downed, fill up the form.

Have Other Issues With The App?

Join our English or Ukrainian chat and feel free to ask anything. 


Is available by following the link.

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