disBalancer Has Been Acquired by Hacken (Press Release)

disBalancer and Hacken Teams are glad to announce a conclusive decision about the merger.

The agreement was approved by both parties and covered communities merger and the swap of DDOS for HAI.

After integrating into Haken, the solution developed by disBalancer will become an effective in-house tool for performing Stress Testing and DDoS Security Consulting services. Hacken, in turn, strengthens its position in the Web3.0 cybersecurity market and expands the ecosystem, which is consistent with the project’s strategy.

As insider information, we would like to stress that Liberator, the most effective cyber gun against russia propaganda, covered and filmed by the leading media such as  The TimesBloombergThe WiredLe Monde, will work under the auspices of the Ukrainian Cyber Army with the government support. Thus, having the government-provided potential, it will continue fighting with Russian propaganda, steadily bringing our victory closer.

More detailed information can be found in the FAQ.