disBalancer’s goal for the future is to allow people to act as nodes to contribute to repelling DDOS attacks that remain a growing threat. According to the ATLAS security report, there were 10 million DDOS attacks in 2020 and, compared to 2019, this figure increased by 1.9 million. But the most terrible figure is that only less than 1% of the web is protected against DDOS attacks!

Using disBalancer navigators can supply their bandwidth to become a part of the network on which the website runs. This means that when a DDOS attack occurs, it will disable only a node but not the entire network. In return, nodes earn $DDOS-tokens. As a result, disBalancer can provide cheap yet effective DDOS protection to 3rd parties. In addition, it creates a new innovative way of earning tokens which will promote token circulation while mitigating DDOS impact.


At the core of the decentralized network lie the main nodes that ensure its effective functioning and are managed by the disBalancer team. The last element of the network are user nodes. Generally, they are people who support the network by supplying their bandwidth in exchange for DDOS-tokens that you can sell, trade, stake, or simply use to pay for the security services provided by disBalancer.


The use of the disBalancer network gives you the perfect opportunity to reward your community and website navigators. People can earn DDOS tokens by simply acting as a node for your website. As a result, you can also see an increase in website traffic that can lead to increased sales and revenues via on-site advertising. Our system brings benefits to both parties. As a company, you will get the community boosted DDOS protection.


There are a lot of companies who have the same goal as our team has: Protect websites against DDOS attacks. However, the difference is that disBalancer strives to provide effective but, at the same time, affordable and accessible DDOS protection for every company.

In addition, disBalancer operates in a completely decentralized way while other companies are centralized, thus, the power of disBalancer is a community rather than an individual. With disBalancer the network will have enough capacity to handle many gigabytes of connections per second so that customers’ resources will run smoothly. Compared to other techniques, disBalancer is a very innovative and effective solution against DDOS attacks.


Although disBalancer is still in its infancy, it has already proven its huge potential. There is a great team and awesome tokenomics behind the solution. The scarcity of tokenomics makes disBalancer a good farm option compared to other cryptos like Ethereum / ADA which are less scarce. The total supply of disBalancer tokens is 10,000,000 DDOS, unlike Ethereum or ADA which both have higher market caps making them less scarce.

Also, the APY of DDOS is much higher compared to most major crypto coins. When you combine that with its scarcity, you’ll get a project with big growth potential. In addition, disBalancer can be found in the application. This app has an incredibly user-friendly interface and is a great and safe place to keep your coins while earning interest and being an important element of the network and community. Earning DDOS is an easy process. Just use your HAI tokens to start farming DDOS.