Genesis Block Ventures invests in disBalancer

disBalancer keeps sharing great news with you! Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) has invested in our project! It is a great step towards our market expansion.

Intro to Genesis Block Ventures

One of the leading global investors in blockchain and crypto projects revolutionizing the industry and the platform assisting innovative companies in expanding their business! GBV promotes the development of dozens of projects including HAPI, Alpha, Finance, DAOSQUARE, LITENTRY, to name a few.

Before investing funds, GBV scrutinizes whether a particular project meets the prescribed standards. Apart from carrying out investment activities, GBV provides blockchain data analytics and staking services to clients and empowers blockchain developers.

Genesis Block Ventures closely cooperates with Genesis Block HK, the leading Asian digital assets OTC Trading Desk. GBV is focused on developing a strong ecosystem.

The value of this partnership for disBalancer and our community

The partnership will make disBalancer known in the market. Genesis Block Ventures does not cooperate with projects offering fake solutions and delivering no value to the community. Thus, the decision of this investor to start working with us is a strong recognition of the reliability and effectiveness of the product we bring to the community. The disBalancer team realizes that only by cooperating with the leading market makers we can reach a broad international audience and scale our business. The more entities trust us, the higher number of cyberattacks we can prevent. We strive to make businesses throughout the world resistant to DDoS attacks.

Cooperation with Genesis Block Ventures is just the beginning of our market journey! New partnerships and cooperation announcements will come soon. We are doing our best to bring disBalancer to new heights!

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