How disBalancer plans to change the DDoS attack protection market

At the moment, DDoS attacks are among the biggest security threats affecting both large corporations (for example, Sony, which often fights against hacker groups), and small companies, for which DDoS is often an element of a dirty competition existing in the market.

Why will it be in demand?

Often, the quality of information security services provided by security vendors is non-adequate. This is by no means the fault of the service providers, this is not the case. It is impossible to foresee all the scenarios for the development of events, while many firms cannot afford to employ a staff of security engineers, who, in most cases, may not even be useful.

Today, there are many measures companies can apply to protect themselves against DDoS attacks, however, they all have one common problem. These are all so-called “artificial tests”. For example, a provider of security services has a certain number of computers to conduct a test in the form of an attack. However, later DDoS still take place since these tests are never fully effective.

What does disBalancer offer?

The team suggests calling a real DDoS attack like the one carried out by a hacker group. To do this, the project builds its own cyber army which installs special software.

When a team orders a DDoS attack, the project utilizes the capacities provided by the army and checks the system for stability.

What benefits does the army get?

The test participants get tokens. The distribution of tokens is absolutely fair. So, if the testing price is, for example, $1,000 DDOS, and the user spends 5% of his power for the attack, he will get $50 DDOS as a reward.

What do companies get?

Companies that apply for the attack will be able to test their resistance to cyber threats in real, not artificial conditions. Compared to most vendors that carry out artificial security tests, the purpose of disBalancer is to simulate real attacks like the ones taking place under normal conditions.

Therefore, disBalancer brings changes to the DDoS attack protection market by utilizing a cyber army to conduct a real attack. As a result, clients can identify weaknesses in the systems of the tested project and estimate the level of its security.