Liberator Infrastructure Update

Cyber warfare is ongoing, and Liberator keeps doing its thing to hit down the aggressor.
Every week, the application is strengthened by step-by-step updates and fixes.

Software infrastructure 

👊 The software infrastructure has become even more stable.
The operation tool center that shows the status of all the servers and gives the attack to be sent to clients has been remarkably increased in stableness.

⏳Now it is easier to launch attacks; if there were 4-5 min to launch the attack, now it takes 10 sec to make all the clients synchronized with the attacking process.

🔥 So, keep your Liberator running to capture changes and win the aggressor!

🤩 The good news for our investors and clients is that all the acquired knowledge is already applied to develop one of the most powerful tools for stress testing and protecting web resources from on-demand DDoS attacks.