Liberator Stats in the First Five Months of the Cyber War

russia launched the full-scale invasion of Ukraine 5 months ago. As a response, our team launched Liberator to fight it in cyberspace.

We have gotten the newest stats for you to see what has changed in the last two months.

Updated servers provided us with reaching the number of attacks in the last two months observed in the first three months of the cyber war.
HULK 4V method makes it happen to perform the most sophisticated attacks bypassing the most secure cybersecurity systems.
Compared with the statistics on the performance of Liberator in the first three months, vital resources used by common people in russia were the priority attack vectors.
Targets for attacks are provided by IT ARMY of Ukraine.

Geographical coverage can’t be correct as disBalancers are forced to use a VPN, so the stats don’t include it, unfortunately. But we all know that Liberator is supported not only by Ukrainians but hacktivists from around the world.
We will never get tired of saying thank you for your time spent with us and for choosing our software. disBalancers are the coolest cyber warriors who fight till victory.