How to know the processor in your Mac to install the correct Liberator file?

🖥 Mac OS is the second operating system used by disBalancers to run Liberator!

To make the application work smoothly, you need to install the correct file that matches the processor in your Mac. Our software provides to use Liberator for two of them! 

Macs have two processors types: Intel and Apple silicon (M1). 

🤷‍♂️ Both Mac with Intel and M1 look identical until there are processing speed issues.

So how do you know which processor is yours?

🔵 Head to the menu bar and click the Apple logo 

🔵 Click About This Mac

🔵 Find the info on the Intel processor or M1 Chip right below the software version number

👏 Great work!

Now go on and choose the right option that matches your Mac specifications.