Meet Liberator 0.1.1

The Dev team was getting ready to deploy a big update for you last week. Liberator has become better and is already available to download. For those who have already downloaded the app, there is no need to reinstall it. Let’s see what new the latest update covers!

💪 More power

Each client’s power is managed by our network. It means that the attacking process has become more targeted to hit the aggressor’s websites even harder! Moreover, the software capacity has grown too. Having these new features, we are expecting to down more websites. 

📊 Better statistics

Statistics are more detailed. To make higher statistics detalization, you should launch your client with -stats 3s | -stats 5s parameter.   

🧠 Halved memory and CPU usage

Just hoping you will see the impact!

🔎 Proxies detalization

Our new update provides an opportunity to see the total amount of proxies used to attack enemies’ targets.

🔄 Proxies rotation

An opportunity to change proxies while the attacking process. This feature can be helpful in case proxies are no longer working, for example, if they are turned off, banned from the server, or if there are many attempts to сonnect are failed.