Meet Liberator 0.2.0

We are delighted to announce a big update! Liberator 0.2.0 is the extension of our battle against russians. To make attacks stronger, we are in a neverending software improvement process. This time, the Dev team made a big release and offers you to try it right now!

🤩 What’s new? 

We have launched Multitarget, a new killing product feature!
Multitarget in Liberator allows making the attacking process much stronger and more effective. It provides disBalancers with new opportunities.

👌 Multitarget feature makes it possible to:

● Be directly involved in setting up the attack process by yourself;
● Enter the number of threads to control the attack power;
● Hit many targets at the same time, which was not available before;
● Make attacks stronger, multiplying their strength several times.

🥷 How to choose the number of threads? 

When opening the application, you can enter the number of threads yourself. The number can be different from the recommended one.
For instance, by hitting 3+ targets, you can now feel free to higher the number.

The thread number can be any as the rate limit stops processing any more requests until a certain amount of time has passed. 

So open your Liberator and let the bigger fights begin! 

🤳 Do not hesitate to leave your feedback in disBalancer English and Ukraine groups to help developers to fix some bugs and issues.