The new generation of WEB3 security

The new generation of WEB3 security. disBalancer is the most effective solution allowing businesses to leave DDoS security threats in the past while giving common users an opportunity to make real money by sharing their free computing resources and bandwidth.

For Business


Stress testing

Our proprietary DDoS testing platform lets you evaluate your DDoS defense and procedures by launching DDoS attacks in a controlled and safe manner.

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Token launch protection

Our real-time protection service ensuring the successful launch of your token sale.

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DDoS Consulting

Our cybersecurity experts help you strengthen your website protection against the most sophisticated DDoS attacks.

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Earn DDOS tokens

by allowing your device to work on a global mission — making the world a safer placeю Join the biggest army of the crypto and cybersecurity world. Provide your unused bandwidth to help companies prepare for addressing DDOS attacks. Make your contribution to establishing a new era in decentralized security. Every user matters.

DDos Token & Tokenomics

DDos token

$2,56 l 0.0002 ETH

Tokens can be used to buy our services and pay our army soldiers for theirs resources

The company applying for disBalancer services needs to buy DDOS tokens and deposit them to pay for our services. The company may also pay for our services in FIAT. In this case, FIAT money will be used to buy DDOS tokens at a current market price. Upon the confirmation of this transaction, we start utilizing users’ devices to launch our service, and in exchange for their participation, users get tokens that are equally distributed among them proportionally to the volume of resources they have contributed to the network. DDOS token is listed on cross-blockchain erc-20/bsc-20 networks.

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