Saved AMA Session

The disBalancer team organized a special AMA session with the project’s co-founder Sashko in our official Telegram channel. Community members were actively putting their questions concerning the current state of affairs in disBalancer, our plans for the future, and possible issues. We realize that many of you may have missed this session due to different reasons. That is why we would like to share with you the questions put to Sashko and his answers. So, enjoy reading!

Q: When can we expect testnet?

A: The first nodes are already running on our test environment

Q: I mean there must be a test for the army before a big release?

A: Yup, it will be

Q: Probably a stupid question. Once we may act as nodes providers/contributors, may we use all available devices with installed software to supply our bandwidth (phones, notebooks, ipads, etc.) or it is limited to the unique IP address, for example?

A: I think it depends whether you use your full bandwidth from one device or just partition it between each

Q: How many tokens are needed for a node and can we run nodes virtually using vps? When will we be able to do it?

A: For the first start, there won’t be any need to hold tokens, we will choose members at our discretion

Q: Can we also say that DDOS not only uses its legal botnet to test the infrastructure but also rents/lends its load balancer & storage along with CDN for a pay-as-you-use services to mitigate DDoS attacks?

A: Yes, the functions of CDN will be implemented in the future, but right now, we’re working on a solution for stress testing

Q: For the Call of DDOS service (which is a kinda one-time service type) how do you plan to check the clients to avoid working with the fake ones (hackers) who plan to attack the real companies’ protocols/applications? I have heard it happens with some providers who are performing DDOS stress resistance services.

A: For verification, the client must add our record to their DNS provider, and then we will know that he is the owner of the website

Q: Once we run the user nodes, our bandwidth is used to 1) protect the clients’ infrastructure via extended bandwidth; and 2) imitate a real DDOS attack to test DDOS attack resistance? Or just the second one? Once a test DDOS attack needs to be made, it will be centrally done by the Disbalancer master node or some additional manual actions are required from the side of users?

A: At the beginning only the second solution, all functions will be started automatically, without additional actions by users

Q: I brought this up before. If you are expecting to get professional clients, are you guys planning to update your website to attract new professional clients? Clients might be turned off by the current website. This is my opinion of course.

A: We’re going to update the website with new messages for customers and a stricter design)

Q: Is it possible for you to use the ddos whale group more actively? There are many big investors there and they can have a say in important decisions that the company will take.

A: It is not the official group but we’ll think about how to utilize it better, thanks)

Q: This group seems to have several users that are likely paid to post pointless moon boy type comments. We see them posting on other Hacken projects too. It’s a bad look for this project. What project is responsible for them: disBalancer or Hacken? Knock it off. It’s a distraction that makes this project look like shitcoin.

A: We’ve listened to our community and resolved this incident

Q: How do you guys generate income? The price of the token can’t be enough to sustain operations. What will keep this project growing?

A: Part of the commissions from operations in the future will be taken away by the team, at the moment, we’re using the funds raised at the launch

Q: Who are the official investors apart from GBV & when can we expect a white paper?

A: Phoenix capital, we are not sure whether a white paper is needed at this stage. All the information about the product is on our medium.

Q: So, DDOS is not needed for nodes? The only utility the DDOS token will have is that it will be a reward for anyone who shares computing power. Have I read this right?

A: Entities that want to use disBalancer also need tokens to utilize service

Q: Can you promise now that the only way to utilize the disBalancer service will be via DDOS. You will not accept fiat or any other crypto

A: We do not plan to accept other types of payments, but if customers request, then integration with double conversion will be possible (paid by fiat to immediately buy tokens for this operation on the market)

Q: Since we are going to run nodes during the beta phase, I can assume that we are going to earn DDOS rewards as well, right? Will these DDOS tokens be valid for the manner or they won’t have any value at all?

A: yup, all testers will be rewarded in real ddos tokens

Q: Do you have any testing clients that you are working with to help with their ddos attacks or potential attacks?

A: Yes, we have several testing clients who are helping us but they have decided to remain anonymous

Q: After the plan burn?

A: We don’t plan any burn atm

Q: Are HACKEN VPN nodes gonna become a part of the army? As not many use Hacken VPN anyway except HAI holders

A: If the hacken team wants to integrate solutions, we will be happy to join them

Q: When will bep-20 integration on be active?

A: It’s only on side, but we keep on pushing them

Q: Are you still considering integration with Solana? It was said during the last Ama.

A: Yes, but we need to see great partnership opportunities. Otherwise, it won’t be interesting

Q: Do you conduct any negotiations for new listings?

A: We’re not planning new listings before the launch

Q: Are you planning any new partnerships in the coming future?

A: Yes, we are working on several partnerships right now

As you can see, this AMA session was full of interesting and, at the same time, difficult questions. The answers given by Sashko were sincere and detailed since we are transparent in our activities and value your confidence. In case you haven’t found the question on which you would like to get an answer, then we actively invite you to participate in our future AMA sessions. It’s one of the most effective ways of communication with the community and we’ll keep on organizing such events. So, stay tuned and thank you for your active position!