Why is it important to use a VPN while running Liberator?

So you’ve decided to get gritty and join the disBalancer army to fight in the Russo-Ukrainian war. We hail you, warrior, and welcome to cyber-defense forces. Liberator is your weapon against russian invasion. And like any conscript, you have to undergo a course of drills to get combat-ready.
Your privacy and thus safety is above anything else in this battle. Remember to use a VPN! It’s the first and the ultimate safety rule.

🔒What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network is the name behind the VPN acronym. It helps you hide your identity and internet traffic. We know you know that your IP gives away your location and people you have connected to online, on top of that your ISP knows everything about your browsing history, even if you use an incognito tab. Yes, that last porn binge-watching session as well. Not to mention your cyberwar activity.
A good VPN can hide what you do. The service creates an encrypted tunnel for your data and helps you enjoy the private web surfing, your ISP sees you are using VPN, but can’t see what exactly you’re up for.

🛡How do I benefit from using a VPN?

● Those who take the risks need protection the most. So if you want to prevent anyone from deciphering your data, opt for a VPN. Encryption provided by VPN can hide your browsing activity and the data you send and receive.
● Your IP is hidden from everyone else online, your browsing data is a cipher and comes from a server located in a different country. And by changing your whereabouts, you can get access to regionally restricted content.

🤫What are the pitfalls?

Talking about benefits, we can’t silence the risks. When choosing a VPN service, you have to read the privacy policy and the user agreement carefully. Watch if the VPN company saves the logs, what for and how they manage them. When you want complete anonymity, payments required to buy the service have to be anonymous too. Keep in mind that free versions might sell data to advertisers to cover up the expenses. Also, pay attention to the country where your VPN service is registered, some countries oblige service providers to share information with local governments.

🥷 Why is it important for a cyber warrior?

Courage and dedication are invaluable resources during wartime. In the IT army, every working unit is of utmost importance and needs to be protected. Your ISP may be obliged to disclose your activity, or may willingly choose to do so to gain from advertising. Giving away your information can compromise your data security, and give away your identity. And being in an active cyber fight, it would be wise to expect vengeance. VPN is your bulletproof vest and your balaclava – it levels up your protection.

💡Can I use the proxy instead?

Using a proxy server is another option to protect your identity by using a remote server to reroute your traffic. The difference here is that proxies protect data on the application level, rerouting traffic from one app of your choice. In some cases, they might not encrypt your traffic. We gave some advice on using proxy here.

Weigh up your options and enjoy the safety to avoid cyber battle casualties.